Strengthening Youth engagement in CAR’s water sector: RECOJAC and GWP-CAR discuss way forward

Representatives of the Central African Youth for Water and Climate Network (RECOJAC) in the Central African Republic officially met with the Central African Republic Country Water Partnership to discuss better collaboration for the promotion of IWRM in the country

The meeting took place on July 16th in Bangui and was chaired by the Executive secretary of GWP-RCA, Sekou Gary. Over the course of the meeting, RECOJAC highlighted achievements in the country’s water and climate sector as well as key challenges. Some challenges include; inadequate funding, poor representation in water and climate events, and a lack of capacity-building initiatives for the members of the network. However, they expressed gratitude to GWP-CAR for their participation in the GWL program launch back in June and, also evoked the need to formalize the partnership with GWP-CAR.

To reinforce the collaboration between the two parties, it was decided that RECOJAC will share its action plan with GWP-CAR for the identification of projects that can be jointly implemented. GWP-CAR promised to further implicate RECOJAC in its activities particularly the ongoing stakeholder consultation to identify barriers in the management of water resources within the framework of the GWL project.

Regarding the formalization of the partnership between the two entities, it was decided that it will be revisited after the validation of RECOJAC’s base texts and official recognition of the network within the country. This meet-up is an indication of GWP-Central Africa’s commitment to fostering youth engagement in the water and climate sector across the region