Chad Country Water Partnership now accredited

The Chad Country Water Partnership (GWP-Tchad) becomes the 5th and final Country Water Partnership within the GWP- Central Africa Network to be accredited.

The accreditation of the CWP which was granted by GWPO's Executive Secretary,  Dario Sobo-Abril on January 19th, 2022 is the outcome of a process which began in 2019. Created in 2017, GWP-Chad was the last Country Water Partnership to be created within the GWP-CAf Network and since 2019, several actions have been carried out to guarantee its accreditation.

This accreditation is a big step for GWP-Chad which can now officially identify itself as the national representative of the GWP network in Chad using its logo, official name amongst other benefits geared towards the institutional strengthening of the CWP and fostering Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in the country.

The partners of GWP-Chad and the GWP-Central Africa secretariat have been pivotal to this accreditation process.