ECCAS and GWP- CAf work together to develop hydro-meteorological regional strategy for Central Africa.

Within the context of the partnership ECCAS-GWP signed in December 2013, a meeting held in Libreville, Gabon from 29th to 31st of July 2015 brought together the two parties.

The meeting aimed at assessing the progress made in the process of developing a regional strategy and action plan for hydrological and meteorological services in Central Africa on the one hand and take stock of the process of the creation and operationalization of the Regional Solidarity Fund for Water following the submission of the final document to ECCAS for validation on the other hand.

Working with ECCAS experts, it was agreed that ECCAS will formally recognize the taskforce constituted to support the hydrometeorological planning process through a decision, and that the first formal meeting of taskforce will be organized in week of 21st to 25th September 2015, back to back with UNESCO meeting on hydrological norms, and that the concertation meeting between ECCAS, BDEAC and GWP on the Regional Solidarity Fund for Water will take place in November 2015, while the regional validation workshop will be organized in 2016.

The mission concluded with a meeting with the Technical Coordination of the Department of Physical, Economic and Monetary Integration (DIPEM) at which he was briefed on the results of the meeting. He expressed his satisfaction and thanked GWP CAf for their constant support to ECCAS and especially the “DIPEM” in realizing their mission. Read more