The 2015 GWP-CAf Media Awards Competition.

Bienvenue GBELO wins the 2015 GWP-CAf Media award on “water and climate change”.


Bienvenue GBELO, a journalist reporter for Radio Ndeke Luka in Bangui, Central African Republic wins the Global Water Partnership-Central Africa Media Award on “Water and Climate change” 2015. As winner of media competition launched by GWP-CAf on February 1st 2015, he was awarded a certificate, a recorder and cash prize of 500 euros. 

Bienvenue’s submission was based on the theme “Drinking water still a rare commodity in Bangui.” The press article looked specifically at water shortage phenomena in the capital city and dryness of certain streams in the neighbourhood/surrounding villages. 

The article aimed at conveying the message of how vital water is, and called for leaders, water actor professionals and individuals to get serious about water resources.

Launched on February 1st, 2015, the second edition of GWP-CAf Media Awards competition aimed to inspire Central Africa water journalists to respectively raise awareness on critical water issues in their countries. It is also one of the ways the GWP-CAf encourages Central Africa Water Journalists.

Go here to read his article:,-une-denr%C3%A9e-encore-rare-%C3%A0-bangui.html