Towards the establishment of Early Warning System in the Lake Chad Basin area.

GWP-CAf Staff made a four days working visit to the Executive Secretariat of Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC), which took place from 22 to 25 of March 2016, in Ndjamena, Chad.


The main objective of this visit was to finalize the ToRs and tender document for the development of a project on the establishment of an Early Warning System. The visit ended with the approval of the Terms of Reference (ToR) of the project entitled “Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems (EWS) for Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lake Chad Basin area”. 

Discussions of the draft ToRs resulted in severalrecommendations, among which:

  • The Project should be developed for a pilot sub-basin, the Logone sub-basin;
  • The project should be developed rapidly and target the African Development Bank (AfDB) within context of PRESIBALT, the World Bank and the Global Environment Funds (GEF)

This visit served as an opportunity to get an update on Early Warning System (EWS) related activities of other partners and follow-up on the status of implementation of the recommendations of the IWRM Training workshop organized in September 2015.

The GWP-CAf team also provided technical advice on the process of elaboration of a climate change adaptation strategy and action plan for the Lake Chad basin area to experts of the LCBC and GIZ Climate Change Adaptation project. The GWP-CAf representative expressed the willingness of his institution to participate and play an active role in the basin adaptation planning process.

Lesson learned

Regular contact with LCBC will provide a great opportunity for direct and formal collaboration with GWP-CAf especially in supporting the delivery of LCBC secretariat’s annual work plans.