Wetlands: Tank of countless benefits for humanity, badly exploited and valued

Reflection workshop on « Sustainable livelihoods in wetlands in developing countries: the vision of the African youth” initiated by Water For Life Cameroon within the context of the celebration of World Wetlands Day and in partnership with  GWP-CAf was held on February 3rd, 2016 in Yaoundé, Cameroun.


21 Participants drawn from 13 Cameroon youth led-organizations working for the protection of environment and research centers attended the workshop on wetlands.


The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness on the position of youth on the importance of the interdependence between human livelihoods and wetlands in urban and rural areas in order to catalyze change in the utilization of resources offered/generated by the wetlands.

The different presentations made, laid an emphasis on anthropogenic actions, the monetary value of goods and services provided by wetlands as well as the vulnerability assessment and analysis of impacts resulting from the interaction between man and wetlands.

The workshop offered the podium for young leaders to present the results of the different studies on the impact of human activities in wetlands in Cameroon, the vulnerability of wetlands in protected areas or reserves, mangrove forests and tropical rainforests as well as marshes. The most important was an estimated monetary values for goods and services provided by wetlands.

During this session, Participants were divided into two working groups and charged to answer a series of questions related to human’s influence on wetlands, how beneficial are  wetlands for human and the attitudes to adopt to address wetlands mismanagement.

By supporting Cameroon Youth, GWP-CAf intended to ensure the quality of the work, have the field clear for GWP-CAf Youth Strategy approval and to strengthen the partnership within the network involving youth.