Youth associations of Cameroon prepare the 12th Conference of Youth

The Youth associations of Cameroon selected by the COY Steering Committee to organize a Conference of Youth (COY) in Cameroon met on August 13th, 2016 to agree on the preparation of the 12th Local COY.


A total of 15 leaders from six Cameroon Youth associations such as Women In Development (WID), Association of African Students (AEA); Voices United To Serve Forest and Environment (USFE); Synergie/Action des Jeunes pour l'Encadrement et la Promotion des Hommes Complets (SAJEPHCO); GIC FOREDEV and YEMA actively took part in the consultation meeting  which was the second of its kind and held on preparations for the Local COY12.


The meeting aimed at gathering the views of stakeholders on the realism of the guidance document of the Local COY 12 and especially defining the strategy to tie up the final preparations for this global event in order to implement it at national level.


It also provided the framework for an exchange / experience sharing between participants on the previous COY.   GWP -CAf staff to provide them with advice on the development of projects related to climate and present them the vision and mission of GWP.


During this meeting, a brainstorming was done around the different activities likely to be part of the agenda of the event. There was among others a series of refresher training workshop on the ins and outs of COY12, then on the concept of climate change as well as the organization of power walk finally a panel discussion/conference on climate.

Four committees were set up to deepen reflections on these activities in order to study their feasibility and identify potential partners for their implementation. These committees were as follows; (A) Committee in charge of drafting the TOR, invitation letters as well as request for any support, (B) Committee for administrative procedures and resource mobilization (C) scientific and technical Committee responsible for proposing the thematic content of the panel discussion (D) communication and logistics committee. They are headed by a coordination team.

 This year, the idea behind the COY 12 of October 2016 in Marrakech is to increase international youth mobilization on the issue of climate change and to welcome their valuable initiatives from 35 countries (including Cameroon) on four continents.