GWP CAf supports institutional strengthening of Central Africa Republic (CAR) Country Water Partnerships

Within the context of ensuring formal recognition by governments of CWPs in the region, the CAR Country Water Partnership engaged an expert to support the review of its statutory documents (Statutes and Internal Regulations).

From the 14th – 15th June 2018, Bangui, CAR, hosted the statutory meetings (General Assembly and Steering Committee)  of the CAR Country Water Partnership (PNE-RCA) with objectives to review and approve the statutes and Internal Regulations of ”PNE RCA”, evaluate implementation of the 2018 Work Plan of the CAR CWP and to review the progress of the CAR CWP towards accreditation.

The meetings provided an opportunity to discuss in detail and increase ownership of the statutory documents, review the process of formalisation of membership by CAR CWP partners and the progress of “PNE RCA” towards accreditation.

At the end of the meetings, participants approved the statutes and internal regulations based on comments and suggestions from the meeting, agreed that all non-registered partners should complete the online membership form to be formally recognized as GWP partners and requested the Steering Committee to proceed with formal registration of “PNE RCA” as an Association with the ministry of interior.

The Chair of “PNE RCA” also seized the opportunity to express the deep appreciation of “PNE RCA” to the government through the Minister in charge water for the office space the government allocated the CWP, and to GWP CAf for facilitating the rehabilitation and equipment of the office.