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GWP CAR facilitates the validation of the national monitoring report on SDG 6.5.1 in the Central African Republic.

Facilitated by the Central African Republic Country Water Partnership (CWP-CAR) , Central African Republic is the first country in the region to hold a stakeholder consultation workshop to validate the national monitoring report on indicator 6.5.1 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Energy and Water resources Development and GWP-CAR on July 1st,2020 in Bangui.

GWP-CAf takes part in the First Global Water Partnership Virtual Regional Days 2020

Every year, all GWP Regions meet to brainstorm, share knowledge and learn about current challenges and future opportunities for the network at the annual regional days. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s regional days was held virtually for a period of four days, starting June 1st with over 100 participants at the opening plenary chaired by the outgoing Executive Secretary (ES), Monika Weber-Fahr . All regions were fully represented including GWP-CAf which was represented by the Regional Chair, Regional coordinator, as well as the Finance and Communications officers.
/ Central Africa

GWP trains over thirty journalists in the Central African Republic on water security, climate resilience, and the role of the media in IWRM communications

To strengthen journalists understanding of water security and climate resilience for effective communication with stakeholders, the Central Africa Republic Country Water Partnership (PNE-RCA), with the technical and financial support of the GWP Central Africa (GWP-CAF) and UNICEF, organized a two day capacity building workshop for media professionals in Bangui in December 2019. The participants at the workshop expressed their gratitude for the initiative and committed to contribute to the sensitization of stakeholders on water security and climate resilience. They also made a series of recommendations to key stakeholders, on enhancing water security and climate resilience. Steps have since been taken by PNE-RCA to implement the recommendations made towards the establishment of a network of water and climate journalists, and plans have been made to sustain it through subsequent capacity building workshops.
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GWP Cameroon: Women at Center of Raising Awareness and Changing Mentality on Dental Fluorosis

GWP Cameroon and its partners have trained women leaders in the Meri District, Northern Cameroon on community sensitization on fluorosis and its health impacts. The aim was to help change mentalities and break stereotypes related to dental fluorosis. An evaluation shows that the training and the activities of the women leaders has had a positive impact on the community's perception of the disease. The approach also created momentum for awareness activities in the entire Mayo Tsanaga River Basin.
/ Central Africa

IWRM at the heart of staff training and representatives of LCBC member states

With the technical support of the GWP-CAf, Experts, Directors and representatives of LCBC member states received training on IWRM for better implementation of the Lake Chad Basin Water Charter. The participants made recommendations to advance transboundary cooperation in the Lake Chad Basin.
/ Central Africa

WACDEP launched in Sao Tome and Principe

GWP Central Africa launched the Water, Climate and Development Program (WACDEP) in Sao Tome and Principe. The workshop was held on 4 July 2017 in the UNDP conference room and brought together some 40 people.