CWP of Sao Tomé signs a memorandum of understanding

The Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Sao Tome and Principe (STP) is conscious that the combination of interests in inter-institutional cooperation is an effective way to induce improvements in the functioning of water resources management, encouraging and providing a strong commitment from institutions to contribute to finding solutions. Based on this, the CWP of STP initiated an agreement with the Ministry of Water of Sao Tome and Principe, through the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Energy (DGRNE).

This partnership agreement was signed on 27 February 2018. It focuses on the development of IWRM initiatives with the following objectives, among others: (1) to participate in the elaboration of the implementation of the water resources development policy and strategy, (2) to inform and raise awareness among stakeholders in the country's water sector, (3) to ensure advocacy for IWRM and mobilization of political will, and (4) to contribute to the creation of water management mechanisms and the definition of decision support instruments.

The one-year renewable memorandum of understanding was signed at a ceremony headed by the Director General of Natural Resources and Energy, in the presence of the Chair of the CWP of STP, the Executive Secretary of the CWP of STP and Director of Geology and Mines of the Directorate General of Resources and Energy.

With the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding, the two structures commit themselves to enhance the management of water resources. For Ms. Valdémira, Chair of the CWP of STP, the synergy between the DGRNE and the PNE STP is "a process that promotes the coordinated management and development of water, land and related resources, with the aim of maximizing social and economic well-being in an equitable manner, without compromising the sustainability of living ecosystems.”.