GWP-CAf participated in the Annual Meeting of GWP Network Partners

The Annual Meeting of GWP Network Partners was held from 27 to 28 September 2018. The meeting provided an opportunity for GWP partners to contribute to the new GWP strategy under development.

This was the first time for GWP to use a format called "Follow-the-Sun", which allowed GWP to consult partners across the network over a 29-hour period. Thus, 13 regional sessions of 2 hours each with 3 to 5 national sites connected per regional session, via a web videoconferencing tool, were held.

The GWP-CAf session, which you can follow online ( ), took place on September 28 with the participation of 44 partners from all its CWPs, which are Cameroon, Congo, CAR, Chad and São Tomé and Príncipe. Discussions in the region focused on the challenges of the functioning of the GWP network, IWRM and the aspirations of each CWP for the next 5 years to promote the activities of the Regional Partnership. As part of the new GWP strategy, the main points discussed were the importance of knowledge development (facilitating monitoring and evaluation) of water resources, the integration of IWRM into training programmes. Partners highlighted the importance of working with youth and women to strengthen their engagement. At the end of the exchanges between the GWPO and the Central African CWPs, the partners observed that empowering the administrative and financial management of the CWPs; as well as strengthening the human technical capacities of the latter, to carry out the activities, could strengthen not only the partners' commitment, but also their capacity to mobilize funding at the local level.