GWP CAf celebrates World Water Day 2018

22 March 2018 : GWP CAf joins the global community to celebrate World Water Day (WWD), which aims to raise awareness on the importance of water and promote sustainable water resources management. This year, the WWD is celebrated under the theme "Water: the answer is in nature".

Water, one of the main elements of sustainable development, is still very scarce in the world and especially in Africa. Indeed, more than 300 million Africans suffer from access to water and many suffer from a water-borne disease. These figures are difficult to imagine when we know that Africa has abundant water resources, with 17 large rivers and over 160 major lakes.

In Central Africa, the GWP CAf has given itself the vision of a "Central Africa where water security is assured". Considering water as a determining factor for socio-economic development, the GWP CAf, through advocacy with state authorities, parliamentarians and decision-makers, raises awareness for the effective implementation of the water-related SDG 6, with an emphasis on IWRM, " a process that promotes the coordinated development and management of water, soil and associated resources, maximizing economic and social benefits in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems.

Experts from the water sector in Central Africa challenge us on the celebration of this day and the importance of water resources :

Prosper Rodrigue YAKENDE, Agricultural Policy Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bangui

"Water is a powerful vector of social solidarity and contributes in a very significant way to improve the well-being of the population for a sustainable development".


Désiré Armand NDEMAZAGOA-BACKOTTA, Coordinator of the Starting Unit of the Centre Régional de coordination des Ressources en Eau de l'Afrique Centrale (UD/CRGRE), Gabon

"Water Resources Management (IWRM) contributes to the respect of nature and the sustainable use of water in space and time".



LAKO MBOUENDEU Stéphane, Executive Secretary, Water For Life Cameroon

"Water is our heritage, our culture, we all have a right to it. We must reconsider the value we place on water and orient its use and sharing towards this perception. But let us remember that this water belongs to everyone and we are all responsible for it. Access to water in Central Africa remains a challenge; in rural areas there is a lack of infrastructure, services and support, in urban areas there is overwhelming demand and poor coverage and minimum service. Moreover, the balance of uses is as much a challenge as the rarity of water for agriculture in semi-arid environments. Only a few privileged actors have a voice in the matter, that is the great weakness of our countries. Inclusion and participation of all stakeholders as well as reasoned planning of decisions are pillars of IWRM to be further integrated."


Hycinth BANSEKA, Regional Coordinator GWP CAf

"The achievement of the Central African countries commitment to "Ensure access to water and sanitation for all and ensure sustainable water resources management" (Sustainable Development Goal 6) in the framework of Agenda 2030, depends not only on the development of infrastructure for water resources mobilization, but also on measures put in place to ensure the protection and the sustainable management of vulnerable ecosystems, and the establishment and effective operationalization of stakeholder coordination frameworks for water resources management at all levels."