RECOJAC on the way to Dakar 2021

The Water and Climate Network of Central African Youth Organisations (RECOJAC) participated in the launch meeting of the 9th World Water Forum from 20th to 21st June 2019. The Youth network is recognized as a key regional network for supporting the preparation of the Forum.

RECOJAC has been proactively engaging in water resources management in Central Africa and outside of the region since its creation in 2017. In November 2018, RECOJAC participated in the 7th edition of the African Water Week in Gabon with the support of GWP. There, RECOJAC successfully advocated for the promotion of youth engagement in water resources management, including for a stronger voice for African youths at the next editions of the African Water Week and at the World Water Forum scheduled in Dakar in 2021. The participation of RECOJAC in the African Water Week contributed to the network being recognized as an important and much-needed Youth voice for water and climate in the region.

Thanks to this positioning, RECOJAC obtained funding from the African Development Fund (AfDB), which enabled it to participate in the kick-off meeting of the 9th World Water Forum from 20th to 21st June 2019. As a prelude to this meeting, RECOJAC, the only participating youth organization from the Central African region, met with other youth organizations on the 19th of June 2019 in Dakar to consolidate a roadmap for Dakar 2021 and prepare their contributions to the different themes of the forum. RECOJAC contributed to design the approach for Youth participation to the Forum preparation.

Youth associations representing each continent, including for Africa the “Association des Jeunes Professionnels Eau et Assainissement du Sénégal”, together with the Youth Delegates of the World Water Council will constitute a Youth Preparation Steering Committee for Dakar 2021. In Africa, a dedicated Youth committee will be set up, including RECOJAC and other key Youth regional networks. The Youth associations spearheading the preparation will work to mobilize the various youth groups in their continents and regions and implement actions to ensure strong contribution of Youth to the Forum.

This is a great opportunity for RECOJAC, whose vision is to create a synergy between youth organizations in the Central African region. This participation enabled RECOJAC to assert itself and demonstrate its ability to serve as a focal point for the coordination and preparation of the participation of Central African youths for the next World Water Forum, Dakar 2021.