The GWP CAf held its 12th Steering Committee

Held from October 3 to 4, 2018, this Steering Committee brought together the presidents of the 5 PNEs of the Central African sub-region (Cameroon, Congo, CAR, Chad and Sao Tome and Principe), a representative of the GWPO, a member of the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC), and the other members of the Steering Committee who are representatives of the Association of Journalists for Climate of the Republic of Congo, LCBC (Lake Chad Basin Commission), RECOJAC, WWF Cameroon and the President of AMCOW TAC in Central Africa, special guest.

"I would like to reaffirm the commitment of the Government of Chad to progress very quickly through innovative actions and institutional reforms that will ultimately guarantee a sustainable ecological balance, in order to ensure a better quality of life for future generations; and this through active cooperation between the States of the Central African sub-region and a strong involvement in Integrated Water Resources Management": It is with these words that Mr. MAHAMT ALIFA MOUSSA, General Secretary of the Ministry in charge of Water of Chad, opened the twelfth GWP-CAf Steering Committee in Ndjamena.

Mr. MAHAMT ALIFA MOUSSA, General Secretary of the Ministry in charge of Water of Chad

Indeed, several key events marked the holding of this steering committee, namely the presentation of the report on the implementation of the 2018 Work Plan and the validation of the 2019 Work Plan, the preparation of the new GWPO strategy and the evaluation of the progress of the 3 CWPs (Congo, CAR and Chad) towards accreditation. In two days, the members of the GWP-CAf Steering Committee reviewed the life and functioning of the Network, the perspectives for 2019. They also made suggestions to enrich the new GWPO strategy currently being developed.

During his intervention, the GWP-CAf Regional Coordinator reviewed the status of implementation of the GWP-CAf 2018 work plan before presenting the 2019 work plan. The main change is a significant decrease in the budget of the WACDEP program and its upcoming closure in 2019. This requires that the GWP-CAf and the CWPs increase their efforts to mobilize financial resources at the regional and national levels.

For the life of the network, participants appreciated the efforts made to strengthen the CWPs and recommended that the CWPs of Chad, Congo and CAR prepare and formally submit their accreditation application files. The Steering Committee also analysed and validated the GWP-CAf Internal Rules, in accordance with the recommendations of the 2017 General Assembly.

One of the highlights of this Steering Committee was the congratulations of Mrs Julienne ROUX on behalf of the GWPO to the GWP-CAf, for the successful management of the transition period with the active participation of partners, the revitalization of the Country Water Partnerships (CWP) and the fundraising efforts made with the CWP of Cameroon with UNICEF Cameroon. She transmitted the encouragement of the GWPO management to the Steering Committee and the entire GWP-CAf team.

Julienne ROUX, GWPO

At the end of the Steering Committee, the members took decisions, including the official validation of the GWP-CAf Statutes and Rules of Procedure, the replacement of 3 of the 4 members of the CST according to the availability of resources and in accordance with the GWP-CAf Statutes and Rules of Procedure (the terms of office of all members having expired), the designation of Mr. Eugene Ikounga as Interim President of the STC of GWP-CAf and the development of a specific strategy to mobilize strategic actors, in particular the private sector, by the CWPs and the GWP-CAf.

The 2018 Steering Committee meeting ended with the donation of a portable computer to the CWP of Chad, as part of GWP-CAf's strategic objective 3, which is strengthen partnerships.