The GWP-CAf joined the 2nd "Follow the sun" experience

This year, the GWP network repeated the "Follow the Sun" experience, an online partner network meeting, after the success of last year. From 25th to 26th June 2019, all GWP regions were given the opportunity to express their views on the new GWP 2020-2025 strategy, for which they actively participated in the development.

The GWP-CAf session (which you can follow here ) was held on 25th June, with the participation of all Central African CWPs, namely Cameroon, Congo, CAR, Sao Tome and Chad. To ensure the successful and efficient participation of GWP-CAf in this meeting, preparatory meetings were held in each CWP one week before June 25. The purpose of these meetings was to enable all the partners to consult each other to have a common voice at the Partners' meeting and to ensure the representativeness of all stakeholder groups. On this occasion, 5 to 10 partners per PNE were mandated to represent each CWP at the meeting on June 25.

The questions of the meeting focused on how to bring the new strategy to life and new actors to be involved in its implementation. At the end of the meeting's discussions, it was noted that the GWP-CAf, in the implementation of this new strategy, will place emphasis on transboundary basins, partnerships and the SDG 6.