The Young Professionals Program supports two young people in obtaining their master’s degrees

Within the framework of the "Young Professionals" Programme implemented by the GWP-CAf in collaboration with the Network of Young Central African Organisations (RECOJAC), young interns are recruited from the GWP-CAf Secretariat and the Central African CWPs.

Through this programme, GWP-CAf builds the capacity and reveals the skills of young professionals in areas related to water management and development in Central Africa. It is in this context that Miss Chloe STAB and Mr Clifford NGAPPE were recruited as technical trainees within the GWP-CAf. Following their internships at GWP-CAf, they defended their master’s theses.

Chloé STAB, an engineering student at AgroParisTech - Institute of Technology of Life Sciences, Food and Environment of Paris, defended a master thesis  with the theme "the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Africa", after having completed a 6-month technical internship at the GWP-CAf from 04 March to 20 August 2019. During her internship, she conducted a comparative study on the implementation of IWRM in Central Africa, with a regional outlook and a country analysis of the cases of Cameroon and Gabon.

Clifford NGAPPE completed a technical internship at the GWP-CAf from March 11 to June 07, 2019. When asked to comment on the contribution of this internship to the preparation and presentation of this thesis, he replied: "My internship with GWP-CAf has been very beneficial in many ways. My final thesis, entitled "Defluoridation of fluoride-rich ground water in the Meri subdivision, Cameroon: Implication for improving infants’ health and resilience to climate change", was based on a project of GWP Cameroon. My internship at the GWP- CAf secretariat gave me access to all the information I needed to complete this thesis. In addition, I was able to gain efficient writing skills thanks to the comments and advice I received from my supervisor during the review of the documents I submitted to him for assessment. The presentation of my thesis was less stressful as I had made previous presentations on different topics during this internship period. These contributions have earned me an excellent rating. As a result, thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the writing of this thesis and my internship at the GWP-CAf secretariat, I intend to specialize more in the field of water while pursuing my studies”.


The Young Professionals Programme was set up by GWP-CAf in collaboration with RECOJAC in January 2018. This programme is an opportunity to learn and develop the potential of young women and men in the region as future international leaders in water resources. To date, it has been attended by about ten young people, divided between the GWP-CAf Secretariat and the Country Water Partnerships, including Cameroon, CAR, Congo and Chad. Through this programme, GWP -CAf builds the capacity and reveals the skills of young professionals in areas related to water management and development in Central Africa.