Recruitment of a consulting company /consortium of consultants in charge of training stakeholders on the procedures of the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

The mission of the consulting company/ consortium of consultants is to train stakeholders on GCF protocols, procedures, and requirements, the financial structuring of GCF project proposals, and the roles of the respective stakeholders in the project development and implementation process.

More specifically, it will have the responsibility to:

− Map the main stakeholders for GCF programming in CAR;

− Assess the current level of knowledge as well as capacity building needs of stakeholders in GCF programming;

− Based on the evaluation, develop training materialsto introduce the GCF, its funding windows, engagement protocols and procedures, and to strengthen stakeholders' understanding of GCF project requirements, and stakeholders' roles in the project development and implementation process.

− Conduct 3 training workshops (one for the private sector, one for civil society and one for government institutions).

Qualifications and professional experience

The mission must be carried out by a consulting company/ consortium of consultants that will include at least one senior international consultant as well as additional expertise meeting the expectations indicated below:

Senior International Expert

− Master's degree or equivalent in economics, environment, climate change, development aid management, or related field;

− Have a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant and proven experience in capacity building and supporting countries in mobilizing development aid and climate financing,

− Have provided at least 5 trainings on access to the Green Climate Fund including requirements for gender analysis and preparation of Gender Action Plan,

− Have worked for at least five years on development projects,

− Having contributed to the development of funding requests for the Green Climate Fund is an advantage,

− Having a good understanding of climate change adaptation priorities in CAR is an advantage,

− Having a good understanding of the water sector in CAR and investment needs is an advantage;

− Excellent communication skills both written and oral in French.

Additional expertise required

− Good understanding of the national and regional development context of the CAR including the political and institutional environment around adaptation to climate change, as well as knowledge of the actors involved;

− Knowledge of the mechanisms in place in CAR to promote the coordination and submission of funding requests to the Green Fund, − Knowledge of environmental and social due diligence,

− Knowledge in the development of evaluation and gender action plan


Proposals must be prepared in French and must be submitted in French, accompanied by a version translated into English. Bidders can use an automated translation tool to convert their proposal into English.

Applications must include:

− A technical offer presenting the understanding of the mission, as well as the workplan and the proposed methodological note;

− A detailed Curriculum vitae of the Expert(s) proposed for the mission, with the names and contacts of 03 references;

− A financial offer which contains the daily fees for each expert as well as any other costs related to the mission.

To apply please create a CMT company profile here

Location : Remote service with missions to the Central African Republic

Indicative duration : From 13 March to 31 July 2023

Deadline for submission of applications: 04 March 2023 06.59 GMT+1

Please read the Terms of Reference(ToRs) for more information.