Gender and Water Advisor – WACDEP-G , GWP-CAf

To effectively and efficiently support GWP Central Africa and its partners in implementing the Gender Equality in Water Security and Climate Resilient Development Programme (WACDEP-G) in Central Africa, as well as in mainstreaming gender in its work, GWP-CAf is recruiting a full time Gender and Water Advisor who will work with the GWP-CAf regional secretariat in Yaoundé.


Under the direct supervision of the Regional Executive Secretary, the Gender and Water Advisor will be technically responsible for the gender and water aspects of WACDEP-G development and implementation in Central Africa Region and Cameroon. She/he will also support the implementation of the AIP programme portfolio in Central Africa.

This position requires multi-tasking abilities, delivery capacity, attention to detail and respect of timelines. The position may involve national and international travel.

His/her specific duties and responsibilities will include amongst others:

1. Programme Development 

▪      Support gender analysis work to be carried out in the Central Africa region and in Cameroon; 

▪      Support the undertaking of capacity needs assessment (gender) for the region and Cameroon;

▪      Support the development of detail WACDEP-G work plan, budget and capacity development plan for GWP-CAf and Cameroon;

▪      Identify opportunities at regional and country levels that are relevant and useful for WACDEP-G ;

▪      Support GWP Central Africa (GWP-CAf) in their gender analysis work in other countries as required.

2. Programme Implementation 

▪      Map out key stakeholders at regional (ECCAS), transboundary (Lake Chad and Congo River Basin) and country (Cameroon) levels that will have role in implementing WACDEP-G;

▪      Identify their roles (powers) and interests in relation to implementing WACDEP-G;

▪      Develop stakeholder engagement strategy for implementing WACDEP-G at regional, transboundary and country levels;

▪      Establish relationships with relevant government and non-government actors mainly with organizations dealing with gender and with gender focal points in other relevant government and non-government organizations;

▪      Coordinate the implementation of gender focused capacity building activities of the program at regional, transboundary and country levels;

▪      Support the process of selecting and implementing a demonstration project in Cameroon, ensuring that the project is oriented to a gender transformative approach;

▪      Provide guidance to consultants who will be engaged in conducting gender analysis in the region and in Cameroon;

▪      Provide gender related technical support in implementing other GWP programs in GWP-CAf and in Cameroon.

3. Programme Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation  

▪      Collect gender related data and information (gender-disaggregated) during the implementation of the program at regional, transboundary and country levels;

▪      Make sure that program reports (monthly, quarterly and annual) have gender disaggregated data/information;

▪      Make sure that all reports are contributing to the gender related targets of the Program;

▪      Review program progress reports from all countries in the Central Africa Sub region and provide feedback for improvement.

4. Knowledge management and communication  

▪      Document key program results and lessons to be generated from the processes and activities of implementing the program mainly focusing on gender aspects;

▪      Document processes and experiences at regional, transboundary and country levels related to gender;

▪      Develop knowledge materials (technical notes, articles) based on the results and lessons from program implementation, and for other related processes;  

▪      Identify platforms, and develop strategies on how to use existing platforms to promote a gender transformative approach at regional, transboundary and country levels;     

▪      Contribute to internal capacity building of GWP in Africa, Central Africa and Cameroon;

▪      Work closely with the knowledge management and communications team at GWP-CAf.

5. Other duties

▪      Participate in GWP-CAf and GWP Africa CU Program coordination meetings (physical and online);

▪      Support implementation of WACDEP-G at Regional level with guidance from GWP-CAf and GWP Africa Coordination Unit (CU);

▪      Assist with requests that may come from GWP-CAf and CU;

▪      Perform other prioritized duties as agreed upon with GWP-CAf Executive Secretary and Gender & Water Program Officer.


The ideal candidate for the position of must be a national of a GWP-CAf countries (Cameroon, Republic of the Congo , Gabon, Chad , Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome & Principe). Interested applicants for GWP-CAf Regional Gender and Water Advisor position are required to have a high level technical/professional expertise that demonstrate the following qualifications and experiences:

▪      At least a Master’s Degree in development studies, gender studies, social sciences, natural resources management, or related fields;

▪      An understanding of development issues including gender inequality, and the institutional and policy environment around water security, climate resilience building and gender equality in the country and in the region;

▪      At least 7 years work experience in gender analysis, developing gender sensitive and transformative activities or plans. Desired but not required- ability/experience to develop trainings and experience with facilitating trainings/meetings/events);

▪      At least three years of working experience in the region and/or in the country preferably in gender equality and social inclusion, women empowerment and gender mainstreaming areas;

▪      Working experience in the field of climate change, water or natural resources is required;

▪      Excellent analytical, writing, organisational and task management skills. Demonstrated teamwork skills and ability to work independently;

▪      Fluency in French language and at least a good working knowledge of the English Language. Knowledge of another regional language (Spanish / Portuguese) is an advantage;

▪      Experience in collaborating and/or working with government institutions and agencies is required;

▪      Ability to work with a diverse group of people, both independently and as part of a team;

▪       Good understanding of the issues in relation to GWP-CAf’s vision and mission and commitment to water security and sustainability issues is required.


Internal – The Gender & Water Advisor will work closely with GWP-CAf Programs, and Communications & Knowledge Management Teams, and report to the GWP-CAf Regional Coordinator, and to the Regional Steering Committee of GWP Central Africa.

External – The candidate will contribute to the Central Africa sub-regional report, and collaborate with the Africa Water Investment Programme Regional Team based at the GWP Africa Coordination Unit in Pretoria, South Africa. He/She will also work liaise with GWP-CAf partners like Economic Community of Central Africa States (ECCAS), the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC), and the Congo Basin Commission (CICOS).


Interested candidates should prepare and submit a one-page motivation letter, addressed to the GWP-CAf Chair, with their curriculum vitae (including 3 references) to with copy to clearly indicating “Application for the position of Gender & Water Advisor for GWP Central Africa” as the email subject.

Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 5 pm (Cameroon time) on July 5th ,2020. This call for applications is open to all candidates from the Central African region who are nationals of one of the GWP countries in Central Africa (see country list above)

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Please note that only pre-selected candidates will be contacted.

EXPECTED START DATE: 1st August 2020

DURATION OF THE CONTRACT: 1 YEAR , with possibility of renewal.

PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: Yaoundé, Cameroon